Echoes at the Vault Festival

Echoes by Henry NaylorSomehow I have never been to the Vault Festival which is a massive error on my part,  because it’s brilliant.

I finally got there on Friday to see Echoes by Henry Naylor. It’s a piece that cleverly entwines the stories of two women, born 175 years apart. Both leave Ipswich in search a new life abroad. Both have a pretty terrible time.

I really enjoyed it. It was sharply written, with strong performances and an attention to detail that swerved contrived parallels. It was also an excellent reminder of how powerful simple staging and precise storytelling can be. It really packed a punch. And the underground setting added an unsettling layer to the piece.

With unlimited time/money I could spend a whole weekend seeing stuff down in the vaults. (Plus point: with terrible weather this is a much better time of year to see a ton of theatre than that there Edinburgh and its theoretical summer weather.) As it is, I’ll certainly try and get back for a piece or two before the festival ends in March.


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