Sally Wainwright (and a second second sift)

Like all right-minded people I thought Happy Valley was brilliant. And this Adam Buxton podcast with writer Sally Wainwright is a lovely thing.

The thing that leapt out at me was the chat about comedy: the way it gives you licence to tell much darker stories, and bring the audience with you. I started out writing comedy, and I love it. Lately I’ve tried more Serious Stuff, and that’s been interesting too. But it feels like a very timely reminder that there’s nothing quite as satisfying as making people laugh. (I mean, if you can make them cry in the same piece, that’s perfection.)

All of which means I was extra pleased to get through to the second sift for BBC Writersroom with a comedy script I submitted a little while ago. Not least because I’d completely forgotten I’d sent it in (like a genius). It’s the second time I’ve got through to this stage: last time I didn’t really do anything with the feedback, because it wasn’t the right moment. This time? Well, we’ll see. As always, watch this space.


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