Things I’ve made

Before I wrote poems and songs, I wrote plays. Here’s a list of those. They were a lot of fun.

Crossing the Void
August 2017 (Film/performance piece for post-show event)
Venue: The Royal Court

June 2015 (The Miniaturists) Directed by Madeleine Moore.
Venue: The Arcola
Cast: Sydney Aldridge, Jayne Edwards.

Emily Jane Kerr in SMSSMS
January 2015 (The One Festival). Directed by Jess Radcliffe.
Venue: The Space.
Cast: Emily Jane Kerr.

10850032_742395269184826_5342823630603125799_nNot with a Whimper
November 2014 (The Miniaturists). Directed by CP Hallam.
Venue: The Arcola.
Cast: Bettine Mackenzie, Mat Ruttle, Paul Trussell, Paula James

September 2014 (Rapid Write Response). Directed by CP Hallam.
Venue: Theatre 503.
Cast: Danielle Nott, Mat Ruttle.

A Short Presentation about Love
July 2014 (GAP Salon new writing night). Directed by Kate Murphy.
Venue: Drayton Arms.
Cast: Hayley Wareham, Robert Boulton.

Cover Photo-    Events-    Going-    Budapest Secret Theatre (41 of 54)_resultThe Library Tour
January 2014. Devised with Budapest Secret Theatre.
Venue: Budapest Foreign Languages Library.
Cast: Beth Spisljak, Daniel Hall, Dan Stroiman, Fru Roszik, Esther Holbrook.

May 2013. Directed by Virginia Proud.
Venue: Spinoza Theatre, MUSZI arts space, Budapest.
Cast: Amy Madeley, Faye Bradbrook, Greg Frumen.  

First Draft
June 2011 (Little Pieces of Gold). Directed by Cecily Boys.
Venue: Etcetera Theatre,

The Offer
September 2010. Directed by Rachel Heyburn
Venue: Etcetera Theatre, Little Pieces of Gold.
Cast: Jessica Chamberlain, Erica Mitchell-Guyatt.
The Offer was longlisted for BBC Writersroom Bread and Roses writing competition.


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